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Ubudu showcases cutting-edge RTLS solutions at Global Industrie 2023

Ubudu, as a leading provider of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), participated at Global Industrie 2023, showcasing its cutting-edge technology and expertise to a diverse range of clients and partners in the industrial sector.

Ubudu representatives at Global Industrie 2023

Ubudu Demonstrates Real-Time Location Systems Solutions to Prospective Industrial Partners at Global Industrie 2023

One of the key highlights of Ubudu's participation in the event was the opportunity to meet with different prospects and partners in the industrial sector who are interested in the RTLS solution provided by Ubudu. During these presentations, the team was able to explain how the technology works, showcasing various use cases and technology demonstrations. Also, being part of the “Solutions Industrie du Futur” Acceleration Program from BPI, several groups of industrial companies came to learn more about Ubudu technology at our booth.

Voctor Bogey, sales director demonstrating Ubudu RTLS solution at Global Industry 2023y

Ubudu interview on GLOBAL INDUSTRIE TV Channel to present the company history and perspectives

As part of the FIM/CETIM Start-up Club and our participation in the GLOBAL INDUSTRIE Start-up Village, Ubudu had the honour of participating in an interview on the GLOBAL INDUSTRIE CHANNELS television channel. Victor Bogey, sales Director of Ubudu, presented the company and shared concrete use cases of the RTLS Ubudu technology. In particular, the tracking easels in fast food restaurants and the tracking of assets in large manufacturing and logistics plants, showcasing the versatility of the technology. He also reiterated the main gains generated by RTLS solutions, which include significant productivity gains, optimised management of production and logistics flows, and improved utilisation rate of equipment and Machinery.

Check the full interview here:

Ubudu's start-up pitch: Revolutionising industrial efficiency with Real-Time Location Systems 

A live pitch was also done by Ubudu at the start-up village to present the RTLS solution and its benefits for the industrial sector. He emphasised how Ubudu's technology can help companies improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs by providing real-time data on the location of assets, people, and equipment within their facilities. The technology can be integrated seamlessly with existing systems and can also be customised to meet the specific needs of different industries and businesses.

Ubudu's live pitch at Global Industry 2023

Overall, Ubudu's participation in Global Industrie 2023 was a resounding success, with the company being able to showcase its expertise and innovative technology to a wide audience of prospects and partners in the industrial sector. With its proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions, Ubudu is well-positioned to continue driving innovation and growth in the RTLS market.