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Introduction to Ubudu BLE Controller

Ubudu launches “BLE Controller”, a new feature available in Ubudu RTLS that will enable you to communicate with any RTLS tag remotely, right from your desk.

Ubudu BLE Controller example

What is Ubudu BLE Controller?

Ubudu BLE Controller is the brand new feature that will revolutionize the way you communicate with your RTLS tags.

BLE Controller allows you to connect at any time to a device, regardless of its location, and to establish a two-way communication channel, possibly with roaming, similar to a mobile phone, with a Bluetooth network using very low energy.

Concretely, once the device is connected, a routing table is integrated in real time to know from which gateway it is possible to communicate with the device.

Connections are established to exchange data with the device and can be maintained even if the device moves within the site, thanks to a principle of handover.

What features does BLE Controller offer?

BLE Controller makes it possible to send a command when necessary to the device, for example to change its configuration, to retrieve data from the device, to make the light on the device blink etc…

In the context of Real-Time Location Systems, this functionality can be interesting to modify the broadcast frequency of a tag Over-the-Air (OTA) or for on-demand localisation in order to save battery of the tag. Moreover, it enables the user to do “Pick-to-Light” where you can trigger the light of the tag to find the asset in a specific zone easily without having to rely on a very accurate positioning system.

"Pick-to-Light" example
"Pick-to-Light" example

What is BLE Controller compatibility?

BLE Controller is available with Ubudu Hybrid Anchors V2 and with Ubudu UWB Hybrid Tags, but will soon be available for the entire range of Ubudu devices, and later on third-party devices.

Note: BLE Controller is not compatible with Ubudu Smart Anchors 1.0.

To whom BLE controller is addressed?

BLE Controller is aimed at all customers who use Ubudu RTLS and who want flexibility with advanced features for their devices:

  • Pick-to-Light to easily find an asset in a high density zone (storage racks for eg.)
  • On-demand Localisation to save energy from the tags’ battery and only consume it when needed
  • OTA reconfiguration of devices in case of need
  • Retrieval of sensor data (temperature, pressure, etc.) periodically

How does BLE Controller fit into Ubudu's existing software suite?

BLE Controller is an independent software that interfaces with Ubudu Location Engine. It is installed in parallel and on the Hybrid Anchors V2.

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