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Ubudu RTLS solutions for healthcare facilities

Improve your staff's productivity, reduce annual equipment expenses, and enhance patient satisfaction with ease. Streamline equipment accessibility for your staff, optimise equipment utilisation to cut costs, and elevate patient satisfaction levels.

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Key benefits of Ubudu RTLS in healthcare

Experience the digital transformation in healthcare, revolutionising treatment methods and enhancing service quality and operational performance. Discover the power of Ubudu Hybrid RTLS, a comprehensive solution that fulfils all your location tracking requirements while minimising deployment and maintenance costs. Stay ahead in the healthcare industry with cutting-edge technology.

Improve efficiency

through a reduction of 60-80% of the time spent searching for equipment

Guarantee higher quality

of services provided to patients by reducing waiting times

Reduce expenditures

by mutualising the utilisation of equipment between services

Gain more visibility

on patients that need special attention for improved safety

Ubudu RTLS in healthcare: Real-time tracking and management

In healthcare, real-time location systems (RTLS) play a vital role in tracking the movements of people, assets, and equipment within facilities. Ubudu RTLS utilises advanced wireless communication technologies like BLE, UWB, and LoRa, along with a comprehensive suite of hardware and software solutions such as the Location Engine, End-User applications, and specialised tools. This integrated approach enables precise tracking of medical equipment, facilitates patient navigation, and enhances communication and coordination within healthcare facilities.

With Ubudu RTLS, healthcare providers can experience improved patient care and safety, cost reduction, and increased operational efficiency. Gain real-time visibility and tracking capabilities for people, assets, and equipment, empowering healthcare facilities to make informed decisions. The choice of technology depends on specific application requirements, and a combination of different technologies may be necessary to achieve optimal results. Discover the power of Ubudu RTLS in transforming healthcare operations.

Track the location of equipment with Ubudu RTLS technology

Efficiently track the location of both medical and non-medical equipment throughout every floor and service within your hospital or clinic. Save valuable time by minimising the need for equipment searches, optimise utilisation by sharing resources, and prevent loss. Ubudu RTLS empowers you to streamline operations and ensure equipment availability when and where it's needed most. Enhance efficiency and resource management in your healthcare facility with Ubudu's comprehensive equipment tracking solution.

Reduce medical staff stress and avoid delays

Empower nurses and stretcher-bearers to quickly locate the equipment or stretcher they require precisely when they need it. Enhance workflow efficiency and streamline patient care by providing seamless access to essential resources.

Optimise equipment utilisation to reduce annual expenditure by 10%

Optimise equipment allocation based on specific needs and ensure that each service has dedicated resources. Achieve efficient resource utilisation by allocating the right number of equipment to each department. Ubudu RTLS provides real-time insights and tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor equipment distribution across services.

Ensure the maintenance of equipment is done on time

Facilitate prompt equipment maintenance by providing biomedical technicians with real-time equipment location information. Enable them to swiftly locate the necessary equipment, ensuring timely maintenance and upkeep. With Ubudu RTLS, biomedical technicians can efficiently access equipment location data, allowing them to perform maintenance tasks promptly.

Avoid losing equipment and improve asset management

Enable real-time alerts to promptly notify when equipment is being taken out of the hospital premises or remains stationary for an extended period. Keep a vigilant eye on assets and mitigate the risk of loss. Ubudu RTLS offers comprehensive asset tracking solutions that generate instant alerts, ensuring proactive asset management.

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doctor using RTLS application on smartphone
doctor tracking RTLS solution on computer

Streamline patient management with Ubudu RTLS technology

Efficiently track patients throughout their treatment journey to optimise resource allocation, minimise waiting times, and provide automatic updates on discharge times. Ubudu RTLS offers advanced patient tracking solutions that enable healthcare facilities to seamlessly follow patients' progress, ensuring streamlined resource organisation. Enhance patient flow, reduce waiting times, and improve overall operational efficiency. Trust Ubudu's technology to deliver real-time insights and automate discharge updates, leading to enhanced patient satisfaction and optimised resource utilisation.

Allocate resources efficiently based on patient status

Gain real-time visibility into patients' treatment progress, allowing you to proactively anticipate resource requirements and promptly identify any delays. Ubudu RTLS provides advanced technology solutions that enable healthcare providers to track patients' whereabouts in real-time.

Reduce patient waiting times with real-time location tracking

Measure and analyse patient waiting times between examinations to identify key factors impacting the duration. Gain insights into the factors influencing waiting times and utilise this knowledge to drive improvements. Ubudu RTLS offers comprehensive measurement and analysis capabilities, enabling healthcare facilities to understand and optimise patient waiting times.

Provide automatic updates to families on patient status

Utilise geofencing technology to automatically detect when a patient reaches the end of their treatment process, enabling seamless communication with their family or friends regarding the discharge time. Ubudu RTLS offers advanced geofencing capabilities that enable healthcare facilities to automatically notify patient's loved ones when the treatment is nearing completion.

Enhance patient safety: Protect against wandering and elopement

Enhance safety protocols by generating real-time alerts whenever a patient or baby is detected leaving a restricted area. Ensure heightened security measures and immediate response to prevent unauthorised exits. Ubudu RTLS provides advanced technology solutions that enable healthcare facilities to promptly identify and respond to potential safety breaches within hospitals and clinics.

Improve patient orientation and experience with Ubudu RTLS

Improve the overall experience for patients and visitors by offering indoor navigation within your hospital premises. Enable seamless navigation to reduce late arrivals for consultations and enhance the overall satisfaction of individuals. With Ubudu's indoor navigation solutions, you can empower patients and visitors to effortlessly navigate through the hospital, ensuring timely arrivals and a smooth journey. Enhance convenience, reduce stress, and optimise the overall experience within your healthcare facility. Trust Ubudu's advanced technology to deliver exceptional indoor navigation capabilities and elevate patient and visitor satisfaction.

Reduce late arrivals to consultations with real-time tracking

Offer patients a mobile wayfinding service with clear instructions tailored to their real-time location, ensuring they easily navigate to the correct consultation room. Ubudu provides advanced mobile wayfinding solutions that empower patients to follow personalised directions right from their smartphones.

Enhance visitor experience with streamlined operations

Streamline the navigation experience for all hospital visitors with our mobile wayfinding solution. Easily guide and assist visitors in finding their way throughout the hospital using their mobile devices.

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mobile wayfinding on smartphone in an hospital
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Plug-and-play Starter Kits including Ubudu hardware, software, tools and documentation
Ubudu Starter Kits

Plug-and-play Starter Kits including Ubudu hardware, software, tools and documentation in order to let you test and show demos of Ubudu RTLS in no time.

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What they say about us
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Flèche vers la gauche
Vincent Routaboul

Ubudu's RTLS solution provides beneficial functionality through a combination of technologies and a platform that simplifies data analysis. Thank you to the technical and sales teams for their responsiveness and efficiency.

Vincent Routaboul
CIPAM, Director
Icone de citation jaune
Hafeiz Hassan

We are proud to be working hand in hand with renowned tech company Ubudu in bringing SDA+ and RTLS into the SM4RT TRACE suite of solutions. Thanks to Ubudu’s expertise and experience with the technology itself, we are able to make Malaysian offices, factories and warehouses safer and more efficient.

Hafeiz Hassan
Icone de citation jaune
Alvin Chng

Ubudu hybrid RTLS platform provides us the necessary flexibility to go-to-market and address different customers’ needs with competitive offerings. With its out-of-the-box applications and tools, the solution is easy to deploy and customer onboarding is smooth.

Alvin Chng
Qonda System, Founder & CEO
Icone de citation jaune
Laurent Nominé

Ubudu has enabled us to secure pedestrian movements in our sorting centres in a simple, quick and large-scale way. This solution is more easily adopted by our employees, unlike the more expensive and limited solutions we had previously deployed.

Laurent Nominé
Suez, SERI Manager for Service Trades
Icone de citation jaune
Derek So

The collaboration with Ubudu has been effective and together we work toward excellence in every aspect of project delivery.

Derek So
Atal, Business Development Manager
Icone de citation jaune
Pascal Rivoire

A simple solution to make operators aware of the areas of interaction with the machines.

Pascal Rivoire
Colas, Operational Excellence Project Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something you need to know?


How big are the tags and what is their battery autonomy?

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Ubudu provides a large range of tags to choose from with different size, form factors and battery autonomy: wristband tags, small tags for syringe pumps, larger tags for beds and wheelchairs etc... The battery autonomy usually varies between 1 year to 4 years depending on the tag configuration and battery capacity.


Can I leverage my Wi-Fi infrastructure for location tracking?

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Yes, if your Wi-Fi Access Points have Bluetooth embedded, it is possible to leverage them to do location tracking. This will help you reduce cabling and therefore the costs and time it can take to implement RTLS.


Can I mutualise the same infrastructure and software for different use cases?

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Yes, the Ubudu Hybrid RTLS brings you the flexibility to address different use cases with the same infrastructure and software in the same buildings. This way, you do not need to purchase a different RTLS for each of your use cases, thus simplifying the deployment and maintenance of the solution.


Can the data be integrated into CMMS and other hospital systems that we use?

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Yes, Ubudu provides an open API that allows you to integrate real-time and historical data to your CMMS and other systems. Also, if your CMMS has an open API, Ubudu is able to receive from your CMMS your equipment information in order to display it in the Ubudu RTLS Applications.