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Wayfinding & Geofencing

Enhance the experience in your venue by helping visitors navigate without getting lost and by communicating with them in a contextual way.

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Ubudu wayfinding and geofencing solution
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Solution details

Ubudu Wayfinding & Geofencing comprises of Android and iOS Mobile SDKs to integrate in your mobile app as well as a back-end system in order to offer your app users more personalised and contextual experience through the use of precise location indoors and outdoors.

Mobile SDKs

To calculate the real time position of the smartphone indoors and outdoors with up to 2-3m accuracy.

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Sensor fusion for high accuracy

Ubudu uses algorithms such as Pedestrian Dead Reckoning and Particle Flow Filtering to produce down to 2m accuracy.

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Automatic floor and indoor/ourdoor switch

Floor and indoor/outdoor switching is done automatically to provide best user experience.

Ubudu location SDK for RTLS on computer

To handle contextual interactions on your mobile app based on the smartphone's proximity with a beacon (geofence).

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Advanced geofencing rules

Geofence can be configured based on time, date, real-time location and user profile.

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Different geofencing actions

Actions triggered can be push, pull, delayed or invisible to the user.

Back-end Manager

Manage your maps and contextual interactions in a simple and user-friendly interface with seamless update to the mobile app through Ubudu Mobile SDKs.

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Map Management

with map georeferencing, zones drawing, beacon positions and definition of non-navigable areas on the map

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Proximity rules engine

with extensive triggering & action rules for the most customised and targeted notifications on the mobile app

Ubudu Back-end Manager feature for RTLS on PC

Digital map system with turn-by-turn directions

For a complete wayfinding experience on mobile, Ubudu partners with different providers of digital map systems with turn-by-turn directions based on the real-time location of the smartphone calculated by Ubudu mobile SDKs.

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Digital mapping

Create a user-friendly version of your map with Points-of-Interest (POIs), colour codes for different zones and in 2D or 3D

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Turn-by-turn directions

Provide visual and precise navigation information through the routing on the map as well as text directions

Ubudu digital mobile map of Louvre museum

Key features

Ubudu Wayfinding & Geofencing solutions enable a more contextual visitor experience by making use of precise location of your app users in your venue.

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2-3m accuracy

leveraging Bluetooth, accelerometer, compass and gyroscope sensors

wireless beacons icon

Wireless beacons

infrastructure indoors with a battery autonomy of 4 years or more

Indoor/outdoor icon


automatic switching using Bluetooth indoors and GPS outdoors

geofences icon


can have different modes and radius to ensure precise interactions

floor switching icon

Floor switching

is automatic and transition zones are used to avoid wrong detections

battery alert icon

Battery alerts

sent in real-time when the beacon battery is below a percentage

offline icon

Offline mode

to ensure the features continue working even without internet connection

IOS and Android icons

iOS & Android

native mobile SDKs to ensure compatibility with all mobile apps

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Ubudu Wayfinding and Geofencing solution uses standard Bluetooth Low Energy protocols and can therefore be used with any beacon on the market that uses iBeacon protocol.

Plug-and-play Starter Kits including Ubudu hardware, software, tools and documentation

Ubudu Starter Kits

Plug-and-play Starter Kits including Ubudu hardware, software, tools and documentation in order to let you test and show demos of Ubudu RTLS in no time.

LoRa Smart
BLE Smart
BLE Network
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What they say about us

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Flèche vers la gauche
Vincent Routaboul

Ubudu's RTLS solution provides beneficial functionality through a combination of technologies and a platform that simplifies data analysis. Thank you to the technical and sales teams for their responsiveness and efficiency.

Vincent Routaboul
CIPAM, Director
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Hafeiz Hassan

We are proud to be working hand in hand with renowned tech company Ubudu in bringing SDA+ and RTLS into the SM4RT TRACE suite of solutions. Thanks to Ubudu’s expertise and experience with the technology itself, we are able to make Malaysian offices, factories and warehouses safer and more efficient.

Hafeiz Hassan
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Alvin Chng

Ubudu hybrid RTLS platform provides us the necessary flexibility to go-to-market and address different customers’ needs with competitive offerings. With its out-of-the-box applications and tools, the solution is easy to deploy and customer onboarding is smooth.

Alvin Chng
Qonda System, Founder & CEO
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Laurent Nominé

Ubudu has enabled us to secure pedestrian movements in our sorting centres in a simple, quick and large-scale way. This solution is more easily adopted by our employees, unlike the more expensive and limited solutions we had previously deployed.

Laurent Nominé
Suez, SERI Manager for Service Trades
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Derek So

The collaboration with Ubudu has been effective and together we work toward excellence in every aspect of project delivery.

Derek So
Atal, Business Development Manager
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Pascal Rivoire

A simple solution to make operators aware of the areas of interaction with the machines.

Pascal Rivoire
Colas, Operational Excellence Project Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something you need to know?

What kind of geofencing alerts can I receive?
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As a provider of indoor location SDKs, we support both IOS and Android and leverage not only Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) but all location and motion sensors of modern smartphones.
Our SDK can create virtual boundaries within a venue using BLE technology, enabling in-venue geofencing and triggering geofencing alerts within your mobile app.
These alerts can include push notifications, app deep-linking, URL opening, or web-hook events.
In-venue geofencing is highly customizable and can be used for targeted promotions, wayfinding, or asset tracking within large venues or outdoor. 
By leveraging all sensors of modern smartphones, we can provide a highly accurate and effective location-based experience for your mobile app users.

How can I configure geofencing alerts?
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The geofencing alerts can be configured in Ubudu Back-end Manager where you can choose the radius of the geofence alert based on a selected beacon or a group of beacons as well as the time spent before triggering the geofence when inside the radius configured. The geofencing alert can also be configured to trigger either when entering the geofence or when exiting the geofence.

What is the accuracy of indoor positioning through the mobile app?
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Our indoor location SDK achieves an accuracy of between 1-3 meters through the use of multiple advanced algorithms and signal processing techniques. These include pedestrian dead reckoning, sensor fusion, and advanced signal processing of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) advertising signals.
Our pedestrian dead reckoning and sensor fusion algorithms allow us to combine data from multiple sensors within the smartphone, such as the accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope, to calculate the user's position in real-time. Meanwhile, our advanced signal processing techniques enable us to accurately detect and interpret BLE advertising signals, allowing for highly accurate indoor positioning.
Another advantage of our approach is that it does not require any calibration from the user, making it easy to use and accessible to a wider range of users. With our indoor location SDK, you can provide your mobile app users with highly accurate and reliable indoor positioning, enabling a wide range of location-based experiences and services.

Does Ubudu provide digital map system with turn-by-turn directions?
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Ubudu Location SDK enables your mobile app to get the real-time and precise position of the phone but it does not provide digital map with turn-by-turn directions. Ubudu partners with several digital map providers that will provide their own mobile SDKs to display the location of the phone calculated by Ubudu Location SDK on a user-friendly map and provide directions.