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Optimise the usage of expensive machinery on-site and reduce the risk of accidents caused by human-machine collisions or hazardous zones.

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Key benefits

For construction, digital transformation means harnessing the power of digital technologies to make operations more efficient, productive, and safe.
Ubudu Hybrid RTLS and Worker Safety solutions enable construction sites to put in place occupational risk prevention as well as improve the utilisation rates of expensive machinery.

Prevent accidents

by avoiding collisions between machines and pedestrian workers

Reduce spendings

on expensive machinery by optimising their utilisation rate

Get better control

on the allocation of your resources to avoid delay penalties

Protect workers

by alerting them in real-time of any nearby hazard

RTLS in Construction

Real-time location systems (RTLS) can be used in construction to track the location and movements of people, assets, and equipment on a construction site. RTLS technology uses a combination of wireless communication (BLE, UWB, LoRa...), hardware, and software (Location Engine, End-User application, tools...) to track the location of equipment, such as cranes, bulldozers, and excavators, to track the location of construction workers and supervisors, to track the movement of hazardous materials, and prevent them from coming into contact with workers or the public, and to monitor the progress of construction projects in real-time, which can help identify any potential delays or issues that need to be addressed.

Overall, Ubudu RTLS can help improve safety, increase efficiency, and reduce costs in construction by providing real-time visibility and tracking of people, assets, and equipment on a construction site.The best technology for a particular use case will depend on the specific requirements and constraints of the application. It may be necessary to use a combination of different technologies to achieve the desired results.

Track the location of equipment

Get clear visibility on when, where and how often your equipment and machinery are being used on the construction site to reduce your operational costs.

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Reduce time spent by workers searching for a specific machine or equipment

Show the real-time location of all equipment and machines on a map to maximise your emplyees' productivity.

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Avoid misplacing or losing equipment

Receive real-time alerts by email in case a tool or equipment doesn't move for a certain amount of time or if it leaves the site.

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Optimise equipment utilisation rates

Analyse the utilisation rates of machines & equipment based on how much time they spend in different zones and how often they move from one zone to the other.

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safety zone application

Worker safety

Prevent accidents from happening on your site by alerting in real-time workers before the accident happens and by having more visibility on lone workers.

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Avoid accidents between machine and workers

Send a real-time alert to pedestrian workers and machine operators when they get too close to each other to prevent collisions.

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Better control access to hazardous areas

Remind workers of the danger in the hazardous area before they enter through a real-time alert.

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Locate workers in case of emergency

Ensure all your workers have evacuated the area where an emergency or accident happens.

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Plug-and-play Starter Kits including Ubudu hardware, software, tools and documentation

Ubudu Starter Kits

Plug-and-play Starter Kits including Ubudu hardware, software, tools and documentation in order to let you test and show demos of Ubudu RTLS in no time.

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BLE Smart
BLE Network
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something you need to know?

Can the system be entirely wireless?
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Yes, Ubudu Safety Zone solution doesn't require any infrastructure and the tags to be worn by the workers and fixed to the machines are wireless which makes it very convenient to set-up. For the localisation of equipment and machines, the Ubudu Hybrid RTLS can be used with a complete wireless infrastructure using BLE Beacons and LoRa backhaul. Find out more in Ubudu page.

Which rules can be used to configure the geofencing alerts?
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The geofencing alerts can be configured using the following rules: zone entry/exit, duration of stay in zone and number of assets in a zone. Filters can also be applied to the type of assets or zones for which a geofencing alert needs to be triggered.

Can I access the interface on any device?
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Yes, Ubudu RTLS applications are web-based and mobile responsive so you can access the interface on any device through your web browser. For the Safety Zone solution, the mobile app is only available on Android.

How can the tags be worn by the workers?
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There are different options to wear the tags depending on your preference for which Ubudu can provide wearing accessories such as wristband, armband, lanyard, velcro-tape etc..