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RTLS solutions for quick service restaurants

Enhance your quick-service restaurant's efficiency with Ubudu's RTLS solutions. Our system supports the digital kiosk ordering transformation, eliminating the need for customers to search for their tables. By automating table location, we reduce customer waiting time and significantly improve their overall experience at the drive-thru. Say goodbye to wasted time and ensure seamless service from order to table.

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Key benefits of Ubudu RTLS for quick-service restaurants

Maximise operational efficiency in your restaurant with Ubudu's RTLS solutions designed for establishments featuring digital ordering kiosks. By optimising operations, we help increase customer satisfaction through reduced waiting times. Additionally, our system enhances productivity by enabling you to serve a larger number of customers during peak service hours. Elevate your restaurant's performance and ensure a seamless dining experience for your valued patrons

Boost productivity and efficiency

Save 20 seconds
per service

Elevate customer satisfaction

waiting time

Increase in sales

By improving customer satisfaction through personalised and digital experience

Foster customer loyalty

A stronger competitive advantage by leveraging your CRM and mobile app.

Ubudu RTLS in QSR to reduce waiting time

Utilise real-time location systems (RTLS) in quick-service restaurants to efficiently track the movement of orderers avoiding queues within the restaurant and monitor cars in the drive-thru lane. RTLS technology, powered by a combination of wireless communication technologies such as BLE, UWB, LoRa, along with specialised hardware and software solutions like Location Engine, End-User applications, and management tools, enables precise tracking of orderers and their location within the restaurant. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into the movement of cars from the ordering station to the pick-up window, empowering management to monitor productivity and streamline customer service.

Experience the benefits of Ubudu's RTLS technology, which enhances table service efficiency, reduces wait times, and elevates the overall customer experience in restaurants and food service facilities. Choosing the right technology depends on specific requirements and constraints. Hence, a combination of different technologies may be necessary to achieve desired results.

Localised table service

Elevate table service efficiency in your establishment by implementing a location tracking system for tent tokens. By accurately tracking the location of tent tokens, you can effortlessly locate orderers at their assigned tables. This optimisation of table service not only saves time but also enhances the overall dining experience for your customers.

Support digital self-ordering kiosk transformation

Discover the power of self-ordering kiosks to drive revenue growth through systematic upselling and elevate customer satisfaction. To support seamless operations when orders are placed at self-service kiosks, implementing digital table service is essential.

Improve employee time management and productivity

Streamline queue management and ensure timely service by saving an average of over 20 seconds per service. By implementing efficient processes and leveraging RTLS solutions, you can significantly reduce wait times and deliver prompt service to your customers

Improve customer satisfaction and average sale

Embrace the power of digital services in restaurants to elevate customer service and drive higher average spending per customer. With Ubudu RTLS solutions, you can enhance the overall dining experience, provide personalised interactions, and encourage increased spending, resulting in greater revenue and customer satisfaction.

A flexible solution for indoor and outdoor spaces

Unlock the versatility of Digital Table Service, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and adaptable to any type of restaurant, including those with multiple floors and complex layouts.

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driver receiving his order at a restaurant's drive-through

Optimise drive-thru customer experience

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing waiting time by optimising the flow of your restaurant and implementing customer recognition at the ordering kiosk. By streamlining operations and recognising customers, you can provide a seamless and personalised experience, rewarding their loyalty and facilitating the usage of discount coupons.

Recognise customer automatically at ordering kiosk

Experience the power of our DriveID box combined with our mobile SDKs, enabling precise customer identification next to the ordering kiosk in the drive-thru lane without any errors. This advanced technology streamlines the process, allowing for seamless usage of discount coupons and enhanced participation in loyalty programs.

Reduce waiting time for customers

Reduce overall waiting time for customers at the drive-thru by optimising customer recognition and coupon reading processes. Through efficient time optimisation techniques, we streamline the drive-thru experience, ensuring quick and accurate customer recognition and seamless coupon processing

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Plug-and-play Starter Kits including Ubudu hardware, software, tools and documentation
Ubudu Starter Kits

Plug-and-play Starter Kits including Ubudu hardware, software, tools and documentation in order to let you test and show demos of Ubudu RTLS in no time.

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What they say about us
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Flèche vers la gauche
Vincent Routaboul

Ubudu's RTLS solution provides beneficial functionality through a combination of technologies and a platform that simplifies data analysis. Thank you to the technical and sales teams for their responsiveness and efficiency.

Vincent Routaboul
CIPAM, Director
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Hafeiz Hassan

We are proud to be working hand in hand with renowned tech company Ubudu in bringing SDA+ and RTLS into the SM4RT TRACE suite of solutions. Thanks to Ubudu’s expertise and experience with the technology itself, we are able to make Malaysian offices, factories and warehouses safer and more efficient.

Hafeiz Hassan
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Alvin Chng

Ubudu hybrid RTLS platform provides us the necessary flexibility to go-to-market and address different customers’ needs with competitive offerings. With its out-of-the-box applications and tools, the solution is easy to deploy and customer onboarding is smooth.

Alvin Chng
Qonda System, Founder & CEO
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Laurent Nominé

Ubudu has enabled us to secure pedestrian movements in our sorting centres in a simple, quick and large-scale way. This solution is more easily adopted by our employees, unlike the more expensive and limited solutions we had previously deployed.

Laurent Nominé
Suez, SERI Manager for Service Trades
Icone de citation jaune
Derek So

The collaboration with Ubudu has been effective and together we work toward excellence in every aspect of project delivery.

Derek So
Atal, Business Development Manager
Icone de citation jaune
Pascal Rivoire

A simple solution to make operators aware of the areas of interaction with the machines.

Pascal Rivoire
Colas, Operational Excellence Project Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something you need to know?


How does the digital table service solution work? 

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A tent or flag contains a BLE circuit that can either broadcast a signal that is received and processed by a network of directional antennas hidden in the ceiling (architecture TSSV1) or scan and report beacons placed under the table.
When the customer order at the digital kiosk his food he is asked to associate the flag / tent number to his order. When the order is ready staff can see on a touch screen where the customer associated to an order seats. 
Note that Tent/flags save battery when stacked and stop broadcasting / scanning operations. 


what's the Installation time of digital table service?

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Typically digital table service is installed in a day in a typical quick service restaurant. The approach has been industrialised and perform in thousands of venues as of today. The system can run fully on premise and software can be managed / upgraded remotely.


How does the DriveID box works ? 

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DriveID features 2 antenna with different directional capabilities that can detect precisely when the customer that has installed the brand mobile app with our SDKs installed is in front of the ordering kiosk and establish a 2 way secured BLE communication channel that allows to identify the customer and eventually burn coupons. Informations exchanged are sent through HTTPS callbacks the brand back-end so in order to personalise the experience at the kiosk and take advantage of loyalty benefits. 


How accurate is digital table service ? 

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The solution who leverage a BLE localisation approach can achieve nearly table accuracy but zone level accuracy is typically enough because of the visual indication that the tent / flag provides.


How to reduce customer waiting time ?

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Implementing a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) can greatly reduce customer waiting time. By utilising RTLS technology, you can track customer movements, optimise staff allocation, and streamline order processing. This allows for efficient queue management, accurate wait time estimations, and prompt service by saving an average of over 20 seconds per service. With RTLS, you can enhance operational efficiency, minimise waiting times, and provide a seamless and enjoyable customer experience.