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Ubudu RTLS: Advanced location tracking technologies

Ubudu offers cost-effective solutions tailored to your requirements. Our platform supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Ultra Wideband (UWB), and LoRa technologies, providing affordable options for precise indoor tracking, long-range asset localization, and efficient connectivity. Streamline operations and boost productivity with Ubudu's low power radio technologies.

Low Power Radio Technologies

Seamlessly combining multiple radio technologies, Ubudu's adaptable solution suits various use cases and environments. Leverage BLE, UWB, and wireless technologies for tailored performance and efficiency. Experience revolutionary tracking and localisation, optimising ROI.

Ultra Wide Band (UWB)

High Accuracy with Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Technology. UWB uses low-energy impulses and wide bandwidth for precise tracking. Immune to multi-path and interference, it ensures reliable positioning in challenging environments. Choose UWB for superior performance in asset tracking.

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Best accuracy on the market (cm)
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Low power consumption
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Best reactivity (ms)

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

BLE technology ensures reduced power consumption and costs while maintaining a comparable communication range to classic Bluetooth. Experience Ubudu's BLE solutions for seamless connectivity and optimised cost-efficiency.

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Good accuracy (m)
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Very low power consumption
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Compatible with Smartphones and Tablets
Radio standards icon
Standard RTLS radio protocols

IEEE radio standards are used in all Ubudu products to ensure system openness, compatibility and cost efficiency.

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Secured RTLS deployment SasS or on premise

Security from the transmission of wireless data packets to data access and management on the software hosted on the cloud or on-premise.

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RTLS tools to support maintenance at scale

High availability & redundancy, horizontal scalability through automatic load balancing and supervision tools with automatic alerts

Flexible technical architectures for Ubudu hybrid RTLS

Ubudu's UWB technology utilises the time difference of arrival (TDoA) of signals received by multiple anchors from the tag to accurately measure the distance and calculate the tag's position using multi-lateration. Experience the precise positioning capabilities of Ubudu's UWB TDoA for advanced location-based applications and optimised tracking accuracy.

UWB Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) uses the difference in the time of arrival of the signal received by different anchors from the tag to measure the distance of the tag to the anchors and compute a position through trilateration.

Unmatched accuracy and stability in tracking

This architecture delivers exceptional accuracy, achieving an impressive range of 20-30cm. By leveraging accelerometer data, we ensure the utmost stability in position tracking, minimising errors and providing reliable results.

Very low latency up to 10Hz

Our architectures can deliver a very low latency performance (up to 10hz), allowing for real-time updates of thousands of tags without any delays. Stay up to date with the precise positions of your assets or resources instantly, ensuring seamless tracking and efficient operations.

Perfect for industrial sites and warehouses

This architecture is specifically designed to excel in challenging environments such as industrial sites, warehouses, and large metallic areas. Whether you have vast open spaces or high ceilings, our solution is perfectly suited to provide optimal performance in these settings.

BLE Network Tags emit signals that are picked up by nearby BLE Wireless Anchors, which then send data to the Hybrid UWB BLE Anchor for location tracking. This technology enables you to locate any standard BLE tag with ease whilst minimising cabling for easier and cost-effective installation.

Accurate and stable short-range antenna performance

Ubudu's innovative architecture utilises BLE Network Tags that emit signals detected by nearby BLE Wireless Anchors. The data is then transmitted to the Hybrid UWB BLE Anchor leveraging BLE 5.0 features ensuring high throughput that push the data to our Location Engine software This advanced solution allows seamless tracking of standard BLE tags while reducing the need for extensive cabling, ensuring hassle-free and cost-effective installations.

Light and flexible infrastructure

Ubudu's architecture offers consistent and reliable accuracy, achieving a range of 2-3 metres. With this level of precision, you can confidently track assets and resources within your desired zones. Whether you need to locate tags within specific areas or ensure overall accuracy and stability, this architecture provides the reliability you need for effective tracking and management.

Ideal for large venues and retrofitting buildings with ease

This architecture is ideally suited for medium to large size venues that require efficient asset location capabilities. Whether you need to track numerous assets within expansive spaces or retrofit an existing building with a simple wireless solution, this architecture offers the perfect fit.

BLE Smart LoRa architecture uses the RSSi value of wireless BLE emitters (Beacons) received by the Tags and transmitted back to the network through LoRa network.

Accurate in short range and zone localisation

Experience accurate and reliable tracking with this architecture, offering a range of 2-3 metres accuracy. Our solution is also equipped with zone-based tag localisation capabilities, allowing for targeted tracking within specific areas

Wireless, easy to install solution that can match most use cases

Our architecture eliminates the need for cabling, thanks to the utilisation of wireless beacons and long-range LoRa gateways. These components enable data reception from tags at distances of several hundred metres. With Ubudu, you can enjoy a cable-free solution that provides exceptional flexibility and ease of implementation.

Ideal for large mixed indoor/outdoor sites

This architecture is specifically designed to excel in very large sites that encompass both indoor and outdoor areas. Whether you are managing a construction site, warehouse, or factory, our solution offers the optimal tracking capabilities you need. With this architecture, you can effectively monitor and manage assets in diverse environments, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced efficiency.

Ubudu's BLE Network Directional architecture leverages the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) value received by directional antennas to detect tags in specific zones with utmost accuracy and in real-time. Experience the power of Ubudu's advanced BLE technology for precise and efficient zone detection.

Accurate in short range and zone localisation

This architecture delivers exceptional 2-3m accuracy for precise positioning. Additionally, this advanced technology enables efficient tag tracking by zone, offering valuable insights and optimising operational workflows.

Efficient zone detection and real-time alerts

Experience minimal latency with Ubudu's architecture, allowing for near-instantaneous tag detection within zones. With a latency of just a few seconds at maximum, our solution enables timely detection of tag entry and exits in specific zones. This capability is especially valuable for generating real-time alerts and notifications.

Ideal for small venues and entry/exit detection

This RTLS architecture is perfectly suited for small-size venues with low ceilings and limited open areas such as restaurants and clinics. It excels in entry/exit detection scenarios where precision is essential. Moreover, this architecture offers seamless integration for new buildings, eliminating the need for extensive cabling.

Our Technology Partners

Ubudu Technology Partners are key in the conception and development of our solution
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Software technology features

Ubudu RTLS platform

Advanced algorithms for precise location computation

Ubudu harnesses the power of world-class algorithmic techniques developed in C++ to deliver accurate and reliable location computation. By combining a comprehensive range of advanced techniques, Ubudu maximises the precision and efficiency of location data analysis:

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Multiple RF location estimation techniques : TDOA, multi-lateration, fuzzy systems, attractors mode, presence, angle/phase of arrival detection.
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Particle (Monte-Carlo) and Kalman filtering, motion models / pedestrian dead reckoning.
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Map matching : obstacle and map constraints, hidden Markov chain model to estimate position on graph.

Horizontally scalable and fully monitored

The Ubudu platform is meticulously crafted to effortlessly scale, whether in the cloud or on-premise, offering exceptional scalability and performance. Its horizontally scalable architecture and high-performing micro services ensure seamless expansion and efficient handling of increased workloads:

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All time critical micro-services developed in C++, Go or Rust.
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Fully docker containerised and orchestration through HashieCorp's Nomad (similar to Kubernetes) providing automatic allocations of services in cluster and HA (High Availability).
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All micro-services have their own health check and are constantly monitored. Deployment of patches is largely automated. 

Optimised firmwares for efficient hybrid tracking

With a rich history dating back to 2013, Ubudu has been diligently developing its own firmwares, offering unparalleled flexibility and customisation options. These fully parameterizable firmwares boast a wide range of unique features that set them apart in the market:

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UWB, BLE and LoRa support and configurable through UART interface.
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BLE 5 back-channel  for device configuration and communication which can be performed either through mobile apps or remotely through gateways.
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Battery management firmware optimisations to leverage deep sleep modes or stacking / storage of devices.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something you need to know?


What technology has the highest accuracy for RTLS?

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UWB TDoA has the highest accuracy and can compute positions up to a 20-30 cm accuracy of thousands of tags simultaneously.


What radio frequencies are used in RTLS ?

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BLE frequency is 2.4GHz.
UWB supports 9 RF bands from 3.5 GHz to 9 GHz. We typically use channel 5 at 6.48 Mhz.
LoRa frequency for Europe is 868MHz.


Why is UWB outperforming other technologies ? 

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Impulse radio UWB (Ultra Wide Band) outperforms other technologies because it is very short impulsions concentrate energy and are therefore more immune to multi-path and interferences that narrow band technologies such as BLE and Wifi.


Does Ubudu RTLS uses other sensors to estimate positions ? 

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Ubudu tags typically integrates an accelerometer or eventually even an IMU that can be used in conjunction with RF signals to estimate position of tags. In our mobile SDK we leverage all sensors from smartphones (GPS for outdoor, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer). All sensors data and RF localisation techniques are fused with particle filtering algorithm methods (a set of Monte Carlo algorithms used to solve filtering problems arising in signal processing and Bayesian statistical inference).