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Ubudu Safety Zone: Anti collision

Improve worker safety on-site by preventing machine-human collisions.

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Ubudu RTLS solutions for safety zone
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Ubudu Safety Zone solution details

Ubudu Safety Zone is an infrastructure-less, cost-effective solution designed to enhance worker safety by preventing collisions between pedestrians and machines. Our plug-and-play solution uses UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) technology to calculate the distance between workers and vehicles or machinery, triggering real-time alerts to prevent accidents from happening.

Safety zone demo

Real-time alerts for worker safety and accident prevention

When a pedestrian worker is getting too close to a dangerous machine, an alert is triggered to the worker through vibration and light in order to prevent an accident from happening. The machine operator is also alerted in real-time through visual and sound alert on a smartphone or tablet. The distance of the alert is configurable (5-12m) and the accuracy is 10cm.

Pedestrian worker safety tags alerts

Receives real-time alert (LED, vibration) from his Safety Tag.

Machine operator awareness alerts

Receives a visual and sound alert on his smartphone or tablet.

Historical data analysis on computer

Safety Zone data analysis

With Ubudu Safety Zone, you can monitor the level of risk at your site and receive precise graphs on the number and origin of alerts recorded by the Safety tags. You can quickly see which machine or area generates more alerts to understand where the risk of accidents is highest. Our historical data analysis feature allows you to see how the number of safety alerts evolve over time, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the risk level at your site.

High-risk hazard identification

Quickly see which machine or area generates more alerts to know where the risk of accidents is the highest.

Risk monitoring real-time system

See how the number of safety alerts evolve through time to monitor the level of risk at your site.

Ubudu Safety Zone key features

Ubudu Safety Zone is a plug-and-play, wireless and cost-effective solution that leverages UWB technology to help prevent accidents from happening at the workplace.

pedestrian alerts icon

Pedestrian Alerts

through LED & vibration
emitted by the tag

driver alerts icon

Driver Alerts

through Smartphone / Tablet in the driver's cabin

automatic audit icon

Automatic Audit

of the risk of accidents taking place  by analysing the alerts generated

identification icon

Easy identification

of tags for pedestrian workers and tags for machines

GDPR compliant icon

GDPR compliant

following data protection principles, including purpose limitation, security, minimisation

accuracy icon

0.1m Accuracy

for the distance measurement between 2 tags using UWB

flexibility icon

Flexible distance

that can be configured from 5 to 12 meters

wireless icon

No wires needed

Tags don't require to be connected to the machine for power

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Safety Tags

Ubudu staff tags device

Staff Tags

Green label with QR code for easy identification
ubudu compass rose
High accuracy (up to 0.1m)
Can be worn in around the wrist, the arm or at the belt
Vibration and LED alerts
More info
Ubudu machine tags device

Machine Tags

ubudu compass rose
Blue label with QR code for easy identification
ubudu compass rose
Wireless device with no cabling required
Can be fixed with magnets or velcro tape
Send an alert through the app to the machine driver
More info
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Different options to wear the Tags

The Ubudu Safety Zone solution allows pedestrian workers to wear their Safety Tag in different configurations, ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility while maintaining the highest level of safety.

Ubudu tags wearable around the neckUbudu tags wearable over the shoulderUbudu tags wearable over the hatUbudu tags wearable around the armUbudu tags wearable as a keychainUbudu tags wearable around the wrist
Plug-and-play Starter Kits including Ubudu hardware, software, tools and documentation
Ubudu Starter Kits

Plug-and-play Starter Kits including Ubudu hardware, software, tools and documentation in order to let you test and show demos of Ubudu RTLS in no time.

LoRa Smart
BLE Smart
BLE Network
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What they say about us
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Flèche vers la gauche
Vincent Routaboul

Ubudu's RTLS solution provides beneficial functionality through a combination of technologies and a platform that simplifies data analysis. Thank you to the technical and sales teams for their responsiveness and efficiency.

Vincent Routaboul
CIPAM, Director
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Hafeiz Hassan

We are proud to be working hand in hand with renowned tech company Ubudu in bringing SDA+ and RTLS into the SM4RT TRACE suite of solutions. Thanks to Ubudu’s expertise and experience with the technology itself, we are able to make Malaysian offices, factories and warehouses safer and more efficient.

Hafeiz Hassan
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Alvin Chng

Ubudu hybrid RTLS platform provides us the necessary flexibility to go-to-market and address different customers’ needs with competitive offerings. With its out-of-the-box applications and tools, the solution is easy to deploy and customer onboarding is smooth.

Alvin Chng
Qonda System, Founder & CEO
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Laurent Nominé

Ubudu has enabled us to secure pedestrian movements in our sorting centres in a simple, quick and large-scale way. This solution is more easily adopted by our employees, unlike the more expensive and limited solutions we had previously deployed.

Laurent Nominé
Suez, SERI Manager for Service Trades
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Derek So

The collaboration with Ubudu has been effective and together we work toward excellence in every aspect of project delivery.

Derek So
Atal, Business Development Manager
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Pascal Rivoire

A simple solution to make operators aware of the areas of interaction with the machines.

Pascal Rivoire
Colas, Operational Excellence Project Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something you need to know?


How does the Safety Zone system work?

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The Safety Zone solution works by utilizing Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to calculate the distance between a Machine Tag and a Worker Tag in real-time. The Machine Tags are affixed to heavy machinery or vehicles, while the Worker Tags are worn by individuals working in the vicinity of the machines.
The UWB distance measurement is highly accurate and can detect the precise distance between the two tags with an error margin of only a few centimeters. This level of precision enables the Safety Zone solution to trigger an alert immediately when the distance between the Machine Tag and the Worker Tag falls below the pre-configured safety distance.
The alert is designed to notify both the pedestrian and the machine operator of the potential danger, enabling them to take immediate action to avoid an accident. The alert can be in the form of visual, auditory, or vibrating signals, depending on the configuration of the Safety Zone system.
The Safety Zone solution is an effective way to mitigate the risks associated with working in close proximity to heavy machinery or vehicles. By providing real-time alerts, it helps ensure that workers are aware of the potential danger and can take the necessary precautions to stay safe. Additionally, it can help reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring, thereby improving the overall safety of the work environment.


Up to what distance does Ubudu guarantee a 0-3sec response time for its alerts?

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To ensure staff members are able to react quickly and effectively to prevent accidents or injury, Ubudu guarantees a 0-3 second responsiveness time when a staff member enters the alert zone. This responsiveness time applies to situations where the staff member is within a range of up to 10 meters from the alert zone. In other words, if a staff member enters the alert zone within this range, they can expect to receive an alert within 3 seconds or less.
It is important to note that while Ubudu's alert system is designed to improve safety by providing real-time alerts, it is not a foolproof solution. Alertness and awareness of the staff members is still necessary to ensure complete safety. The system should be used in conjunction with other safety measures and protocols to create a safe work environment and reduce the likelihood of accidents or injuries occurring


Are the tags rechargeable? How long does the tag battery last?

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Ubudu's tags are designed to provide reliable performance throughout a full working day, with a battery autonomy of approximately 8-10 hours. To ensure that the tags are always ready for use, they should be recharged every night, ideally using a USB-C cable.
Recharging the tags is a simple and straightforward process. The USB-C cable can be plugged into any standard USB port, such as a computer or wall adapter, making it easy to recharge the tags wherever they are located. The tags can be fully charged in just a few hours, ensuring that they are ready to be used again the next day.
In addition to their convenient rechargeable design, the tags are also built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. They are durable and resistant to impact, moisture, and other environmental factors, making them ideal for use in industrial and construction environments where they may be subjected to rough handling and harsh conditions.
Overall, Ubudu's tags provide a reliable and easy-to-use solution for enhancing safety and communication in the workplace. With their long battery autonomy and simple recharge process, they are an effective tool for ensuring that staff members remain alert and aware of potential hazards at all times.


How can we distinguish Staff tags and Machine tags?

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There are two categories of Safety Tags : Staff and Machine. Staff Tags alert only with Machine Tags and Machine Tags alert only with Staff Tags. These two categories can easily be identified by their coloured labels: the Staff tag is green and the Machine tag is blue.