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Ubudu provides deployment, supervision and exploitation tools to make it easy to deploy the solution in no time and get real-time visibility on every aspect of the system.

Map Tool

Map Tool is a powerful Android mobile application used for analysing coverage and deploying the infrastructure.

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Drag-and-drop placement

After choosing the map, easily place the beacons, gateways or anchors.

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Coverage computation

Once the anchors are placed on the map, you can quickly check the if the coverage is sufficient or not

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Direct export and import to the server

Export or import the anchors' topology directly from and to the Location Engine.

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Devices scan

Quickly check all active devices around you.

Pairing Tool

Pairing Tool is a responsive web application which enables you to quickly associate tags to the assets you want to track.

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New association creation

Simply scan the tag QR code and your asset barcode to associate them. It is also possible to add information manually.

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No installation needed

Only a web browser is needed to use Pairing Tool! It can therefore be used on any device through web browser.

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Associations list

The list of all the tag-asset associations is visible and configurable.

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Association edition

Each association is easily editable and asset data can be added as keywords. 

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Supervision tool

Monitoring is key in any kind of IOT system in order to keep the system healthy and with high-performance. This is why we developed a complete dashboard with different metrics to monitor every aspect of the system.

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Wireless devices battery level

Check battery levels and get automatic email alerts when the battery is below a certain percentage.

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Anchors status

The gateways and anchors health status and behaviours can be monitored through time.

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Server resources

CPU and disk usage, memory, network activity of the RTLS can be monitored through different graphs.

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Anchor synchronisation

For UWB TDoA, the anchors synchronisation is a key metric to check in order to ensure best accuracy.

Access Control System

With ACS, create and manage accounts with different access rights for the RTLS Application.

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Web application

ACS is accessible from the browser of any laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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Dashboard creation

Different analytics dashboards can be created in ACS for different users.

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Custom access permissions

Each account can have access to any of the RTLS application modules.

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Change password

Connect to ACS to change your password in a secure way.

Status page

A large number of services are running in parallel and it is therefore key to check which ones are down in case a problem arises.

Plug-and-play Starter Kits including Ubudu hardware, software, tools and documentation
Ubudu Starter Kits

Plug-and-play Starter Kits including Ubudu hardware, software, tools and documentation in order to let you test and show demos of Ubudu RTLS in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something you need to know?

How can I monitor the devices battery level?
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Ubudu software provides a supervision tool that allows you to receive email alerts when your devices are discharged. You can customise the battery threshold that will trigger an alert. Also, you can visualise the real-time battery of all your devices directly from the Ubudu Location Engine and Supervision tool.

Can I associate my assets information to the Ubudu tags?
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Yes you can associate any asset information you want to the tags using Ubudu Pairing Tool: a web app easy to use on any device (smartphone, tablet or computer). It will allow you to easily add information about the tracked assets through QR Code, Barcode and manual typing.

Can I manage accounts with different permissions?
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Yes, Ubudu Access Control Server (ACS) allows you to create different accounts and monitor the RTLS application sections they have access to.

What tool can I use to help me install the infrastructure on-site? 
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Map Tool is the perfect tool for on-site deployment. It can be used to compute the coverage of the fixed devices: anchors, gateways and beacons. The beacons installation is also very easy with Map Tool: simply scan the front label of the beacon and import it directly to the Location Engine.