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Reducing manufacturing operators' tedious and low-added value tasks thanks to RTLS

Ubudu RTLS is used by a leading provider of semiconductor packaging and electronic assembly solutions in Singapore to track the precise and real-time location of all machines being produced in order to increase worker productivity.

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Work order search: A major time killer in manufacturing production

For a leading provider of semiconductor packaging and electronic assembly solutions in Singapore, the search for work orders was a major waste of time, with operators spending up to 15 minutes at the beginning of each shift looking for work orders. On average, they had to perform 96 searches per day, resulting in over 50 hours of time spent searching for work orders instead of value-added tasks.


Qonda implements Ubudu RTLS solution for real-time location tracking of machines in manufacturing

Qonda, Ubudu local partner based in Singapore, successfully implemented Ubudu RTLS solution in the client factory in a record time. The company opted for Ubudu's UWB TDOA total solution on cloud to track the real-time location of up to 800 machines in production. Qonda was responsible of training the end-users to utilise Ubudu's pairing tool to associate work order numbers with the RTLS tags on the machines. Also, magnets are used to quickly attach and remove the tags from the machines. The system boasts an accuracy of below 1 metre and provides a position refresh rate of 1 hour which is more than enough knowing that the machines do not move more than twice a day. 

ubudu hardware uwb smart tag and hybrid anchor
ubudu RTLS asset search module


Ubudu RTLS solution: remarkable results and fast ROI for the manufacturing plant

The system enables the company to save over two-thirds of the time previously spent by operators looking for work orders which leads to more productivity by reducing search time. The reduction in time spent searching for work orders gives them more time to operate on value-added tasks and improves their overall satisfaction. The workers are now able to complete their tasks more efficiently, leading to a more productive and satisfied workforce. Overall, the Ubudu RTLS solution proves to be a success, not just in terms of time and cost savings but also in improving worker satisfaction and productivity. Moreover, the Ubudu RTLS solution brings value quickly for the client as the ROI for this project was only of around 6 months.

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