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Louvre app with wayfinding powered by Ubudu

Ubudu powers the Louvre mobile app in order for visitors to see with 2-3m accuracy where there are on the Louvre 3D Map and get real-time directions to where they want to go in order not to lose time during their visit.

wayfinding app at louvre museum in Paris
louvre museum pyramid


With more than 10.2M visitors per year and its 60,000m2, the Louvre museum can be a real labyrinth for visitors who can easily get lost and waste time searching for the piece of art or exhibition they are looking for.

The solution proposed had to be easily accessible for visitors through their own device as well as provide accurate localisation everywhere including indoors and outdoors.

Once launched, the app should be able to function without the need for internet connection in order to propose a smooth experience to the users.


Ubudu provides Mobile SDKs for both Android and iOS versions of the Louvre Mobile App that use different sensors from the smartphone to calculate the real-time position of the smartphone that is displayed on the 3D map of the museum. 

A total of around 2000 Ubudu beacons were installed meticulously in the museum making sure that they will not impact the aesthetics of the venue.

Using the Bluetooth, GPS, accelerometer, compass and gyroscope sensors on the smartphone, Ubudu Mobile SDKs are able to calculate the real-time location of the users' smartphones both indoor and outdoor to provide the best experience.

ubudu wayfinding in louvre museum
Louvre museum visitors


The visitors of the Louvre museum can now easily find their way in the museum and access to contextual information about exhibitions and art pieces directly from their own device.

The Louvre museum is also able to analyse the general visitor flows in the museum on order to better organise how exhibitions are organised and where each piece of art should be located.

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