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RTLS revolutionises equipment tracking and patient navigation at Paris Saint Joseph Hospital

Ubudu hybrid RTLS is used by different services at Paris Saint Joseph Hospital group in order to reduce the time spent searching for medical and non-medical equipment, optimise equipment utilisation rates and help patients navigate in the hospital without getting lost.

hospital bed with Ubudu RTLS tag
medical equipment in hospital


Search equipment and patient navigation challenges addressed at paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group

In healthcare facilities, the ability to quickly locate equipment and navigate through the hospital is crucial. Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group recognised the importance of improving the location, movement, and management of medical equipment and patients. The hospital was facing the challenge of wasting valuable time and resources searching for equipment, resulting in decreased efficiency and potentially compromising patient care.

In addition, patients often found it challenging to navigate the hospital without getting lost, leading to frustration and anxiety. To address these issues, Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group sought a solution that would be easy to use, cost-effective, and efficient. They needed a system that would work seamlessly with their existing infrastructure and provide an accurate and reliable way to track equipment and help patients navigate the hospital.


Ubudu hybrid RTLS and BLE smart architecture for an efficient equipment tracking and patient wayfinding at Paris Saint Joseph Hospital

After careful consideration, Paris Saint Joseph Hospital selected Ubudu to provide the adequate solution: Ubudu hybrid RTLS with BLE smart architecture. This system uses small wireless BLE Smart Tags on more than 1500 medical and non-medical equipment, such as syringe pumps, wheelchairs, and beds, to locate them with an accuracy of 2-3 metres.

Additionally, the system is designed to be user-friendly for different personas, including stretcher-bearers, nurses, biomedical engineers, and patients. The same infrastructure of wireless BLE beacons is used for equipment localisation and to communicate with a mobile wayfinding app that helps patients navigate the hospital.

This solution is light, versatile, and evolutive, making it cost-effective and easy to integrate with the hospital’s existing infrastructure. The hybrid RTLS system offers Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group an accurate and reliable way to track equipment and help patients navigate the hospital efficiently.

Ubudu RTLS hardware at Saint Joseph Hospital
Ubudu RTLS software at Saint Joseph hospital


Ubudu hybrid RTLS provides efficient equipment tracking and enhanced patient experience at Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group

The implementation of Ubudu hybrid RTLS has yielded significant results for Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group, enabling medical staff to focus on their primary responsibilities instead of wasting valuable time searching for equipment. With the deployment of over 1200 wireless beacons to cover a total area of 60,000m2, the hospital staff can now quickly locate over 1500 equipment, giving them more time to dedicate to patient care

The faster refresh rate of the system when the asset is in motion is also a game-changer, as it saves battery life and ensures that staff can always locate equipment when needed. The solution is also optimising equipment utilisation between services, resulting in a reduction in the need to repurchase equipment each year.

Moreover, the solution helps save one hour of work every day for stretcher-bearers. With the mutualisation of equipment utilisation, the hospital is able to reduce significant costs. The patients are now able to navigate the hospital without getting lost, improving their experience in the hospital thanks to the mobile wayfinding app.

Overall, Ubudu hybrid RTLS proves to be a practical and efficient solution to the equipment tracking and wayfinding challenges faced by Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group, resulting in significant benefits for the hospital staff and patients alike.

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