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Ubudu RTLS is being used by Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital’s mobile apps

Paris Saint-Joseph hospital group has announced the launch of two mobile applications powered by Ubudu indoor location technologies. The first one allows healthcare professionals to locate medical equipment in the hospital and the second one helps patients and visitors find their way in the hospital using wayfinding.


A necessary solution for the hospital and medical sector:

Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group is finally able to meet a need faced by their staff to quickly find available equipment nearby. Thanks to the app, stretcher-bearers and biomedical personnel optimize their time, but also control equipment needs and improve the performance of medical equipment. “Ubudu’s data collection tool makes it possible to find all lost equipment and therefore optimize the efficiency of purchased equipment and better manage supply forecasts” explains Hicham Mouddi, Head of Customer Success at Ubudu.

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Integrated with the computer-aided maintenance management software (CMMS) of the hospital, the solution gives a complete vision of all the medical equipment located and facilitates the search for equipment through filters: type of equipment, reference or date of maintenance, to find the optimal path to the equipment sought, as well as to identify free-to-use or occupied equipment. “Today, location tracking solutions for medical equipment are a must in the hospital sector. Thanks to the Geoloc Pro mobile application, the staff of Paris Saint-Joseph hospital save a lot of time,” explains Hicham Mouddi.


A solution that optimises the customer experience:

In order to provide a better customer experience, Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital’s mobile app, Géoloc Hôpital Paris Saint-Joseph, allows visitors to locate themselves, on a user-friendly and well detailed map, within the hospital which is spread over 7 levels (from -1 to 6th floor).

Ubudu solution for Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital

Visitors and patients find their consultation room or desired destination more easily within the hospital. At his/her arrival, the user is instantly positioned in real time on the map and obtains the optimal path to the destination entered on the search bar of the application: room number, reception, consultation room, etc. An option for persons with reduced mobility is also available in order to adapt the itinerary and avoid the user to take the stairs for instance.

Once again, Ubudu has succeeded in adapting its solution to the needs of its customer, for more details check Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital press release and Ubudu case study. If you are interested in RTLS solutions or need any information you can contact us and click here and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news and keep up with our solutions. Ubudu always strives to offer you the most suitable solution to your needs.