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Real-time visibility of production at Schneider Electric SETBT through Ubudu RTLS

Real-time tracking of work orders in the production process of Schneider Electric SETBT factory in Britanny, France, to save time finding them and identify bottlenecks automatically.

Manufacturing & Logistics
Schneider electric equipment tracked by Ubudu RTLS
Schneider Electric SETBT worker moving product


Schneider Electric SETBT was facing challenges in tracking work orders during production processes

Schneider Electric SETBT factory in Brittany, France, produces Systems Equipment and Low Voltage Switchboards. It faced challenges in tracking work orders in real-time during production processes, resulting in production delays and bottlenecks. Moreover, the lack of visibility on the status of client orders made it difficult for account managers to provide accurate information to clients about the delivery of products. To overcome these challenges, SETBT sought a solution that could provide real-time tracking of work orders and enable Lean analysis of the operational flows linked to the production.


Ubudu's real-time tracking solution with high-accuracy UWB TDOA architecture enables SETBT to locate work orders precisely

Ubudu implemented its high-accuracy solution leveraging UWB TDOA architecture with the software installed on a local server on-premise to locate work orders with 20-30cm accuracy in real-time. The system uses tags fixed with magnets and paired to the work orders through barcode scanning. The data is integrated with the client's value stream mapping system, enabling the identification of production delays in real-time. Thanks to a complete and ergonomic software suite, flow diagrams and analytics charts are being configured for users to improve workflows.

ubudu hardware uwb smart tag and hybrid anchor
ubudu software integrated to Value Stream Mapping (VSM)


Real-time tracking of work orders helps SETBT optimise production and logistics flows 

Since its implementation in 2020, the system has helped SETBT reduce search time, resulting in approximately €20,000 in savings per year. The system has also led to supply chain and workflow optimization, thanks to data analytics. The account managers now have real-time visibility of client orders, enabling them to provide accurate information to clients about the delivery of products. Overall, the real-time visibility of production enables SETBT to identify bottlenecks automatically and optimise production flows, resulting in significant cost savings and improved client satisfaction.

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