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Optimised operations with efficient equipment tracking through RTLS in a cable factory

Ubudu RTLS based on UWB to track the location of hundreds of equipment in several buildings for a leading producer of telecommunication cables.

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The high cost of equipment search time in a cable factory: A productivity killer

Managing a large factory with several buildings and numerous mobile equipment can be a daunting task. This was the case for a leading producer of telecommunication cables, where hundreds of equipment were used by different workstations. Workers were spending too much time searching for the equipment they needed, leading to reduced productivity. On average, each employee wasted 30 minutes every day searching for equipment, which added up to significant time and cost inefficiencies.


Efficient equipment tracking in a cable factory with Ubudu RTLS based on UWB

To address this issue, the factory implemented the Ubudu RTLS based on UWB TDOA. The solution includes Ubudu software installed on a local server on-premise to track the location of more than 150 equipment with 30cm accuracy in real-time. The system was initially deployed in 2019 and covered four buildings, but it was later extended to include another building.

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Optimised operations and reduced searching time: The impact of Ubudu RTLS on a cable factory

The Ubudu RTLS system led to a 67% reduction in search time, with employees now spending only 10 minutes instead of 30 minutes searching for equipment every day. This saves the factory 20 hours of work per day, leading to an impressive ROI of just 6 months.

Overall, the Ubudu RTLS system helps the cable factory save time, reduce inefficiencies, and boost productivity. The accuracy and real-time tracking of equipment location led to a significant reduction in search time, which translates into improved worker productivity and higher worker satisfaction. With the extra time, workers are able to focus on more valuable tasks, leading to a more streamlined operation and higher job satisfaction. By eliminating the frustration of wasted time searching for equipment, the workers are able to be more efficient and engaged in their work, leading to a more productive and positive work environment.

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