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Ubudu Safety Zone to help prevent worker accidents in dangerous sites

Following the success of the Ubudu SDA to help companies keep their employees safe during COVID-19, Ubudu has adapted its solution to be able to measure real-time and precise distance between pedestrian workers and moving vehicles to prevent collisions from happening.

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Why use Ubudu Safety Zone?

In sectors such as industry, waste management and construction, operators often work in close proximity to moving machines and vehicles, creating potential risks of collision.
According to the INRS (French National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), machines are the cause of 10-15% of accidents at work each year, a significant proportion of which are caused by a collision between a machine and an operator.
Ubudu Safety Zone improves the safety of your staff by reducing the risk of collision while being 10 to 20 times more affordable than similar solutions on the market.

How does the Ubudu Safety Zone work?

The solution consists in the use of tags based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies, allowing to measure the real-time distance between workers and machines with an accuracy of up to 0.1 m and a reactivity of less than 1 second.

When the distance (adjustable from 5 to 12 m) between a Worker Tag and a Machine Tag is too short, an alert is triggered: the pedestrian worker is alerted through vibration and light from the Worker Tag, the driver of the machine is alerted by a sound and visual notification from Ubudu Safety Zone App on a tablet or smartphone.

There are two families of tags, easily identifiable by their colour and available in two formats:

Safety Tag – Worker

Worker Tags can be worn in different ways by operators: necklace, shoulder strap, helmet, armband, bracelet.

Safety Tag – Machine

Machine Tags are attached to machines or vehicles with magnets or scratches.

Ubudu Safety Zone in a real-life situation

This is Bill.

Bill works in a construction company.

Every morning, Bill goes to work.
Before entering the construction site, Bill puts on his protective equipment (PPE): helmet, safety shoes, reflective waistcoat and Worker Tag worn as an armband.

While Bill is busy with his task, a backhoe is dangerously close to him driving in reverse. Bill’s Worker Tag starts to vibrate and lights up when the machine is 7 meters away, making him aware of the danger.

At the same time, Bob, the backhoe driver, receives an audible and visual alert on his smartphone alerting him that there is an operator nearby. This is made possible by the Machine Tags installed on his backhoe.

Finally, everyone involved in the risk situation is warned and the accident is avoided.

Collision alert notification on smartphone

The data can then be collected and transmitted to the Ubudu risk analysis and supervision software, which is accessible via a web browser. This allows the site manager to have a clear overview of the collision risks and to reinforce safety measures on the site to reduce potential accidents in the future.

Dashboard – On-site collision risk analysis & system monitoring

They trust the Ubudu Safety Zone solution

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