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Ubudu is proud to announce a new partnership in Qatar : A101 Agency

Ubudu has announced a new partnership in Qatar with A101 Qatar Agency, a full-service digital agency. This partnership will bring Ubudu's location-based solutions to the Qatari market.

A101 Qatar Agency partners with Ubudu to enhance activations using RTLS technology, creating more immersive and personalized experiences. This partnership expands Ubudu's international market reach, already implemented in various sectors such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, construction, and healthcare.

A101 Qatar Agency is known for its focus on creating engaging and well-designed activations, and the addition of Ubudu's location-based solution, through RTLS technology, will allow them to take these activations to the next level. With the ability to track the location of people, assets, and equipment in real time, Ubudu's RTLS solutions can be used to create more immersive and personalized experiences for customers.

This partnership marks another step in Ubudu's expansion into international markets, following successful partnerships in countries around the world. The company's location-based technology has already been implemented in a variety of sectors, including retail, manufacturing, and logistics, construction, and healthcare. The partnership with A101 Qatar Agency will allow Ubudu to bring the RTLS solution to new customers and opportunities in Qatar.