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Ubudu in the Top 10 Healthcare Startups in Singapore for 2020

Ubudu has been selected as one of the 2020 Top 10 Healthcare Startups in Singapore by SwiftNLift professional magazine.

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ubudu top 10 startup singapore

Ubudu's vision and success story as a top 10 healthcare startup in Singapore

Ubudu has been selected as one of the 2020 Top 10 Healthcare Startups in Singapore by SwiftNLift professional magazine. François Kruta, Ubudu Co-Founder and CEO, shares how Ubudu has achieved this success, his experience and vision about the company he created with his childhood friend, Thomas Saphir. The passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and technologies were the key drivers for this exciting entrepreneurial adventure despite the advanced corporate careers each of them had at McKinsey and Accenture respectively.

The hunger and passion for innovation drove them straight into the Internet Of Things world and both of them knew that it was going to impact the world tremendously. Ubudu’s vision consists in helping organisations optimise their operational activities by eradicating unnecessary activities or movement thanks to precise location data : Ubudu Real-Time Location System (RTLS) was born.

Working with different large companies, Ubudu understood that flexibility and ease of deployment were key to provide quick ROI for clients in different sectors. Therefore, the Ubudu RTLS evolved in line with client expectations to become one of the only true hybrid RTLS enabling quick and cost-effective large scale deployments for different use cases in different sectors: quick-service restaurants, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics , construction.

Challenges Faced by Hospitals in Healthcare and Patient Flows

In Healthcare, 30% of nurses spend more than 1 hour per shift searching for equipment. Moreover 20% of medical equipment is lost or misplaced which leads to millions of loss annually in hospitals. For instance, during New Year’s Eve, 5 ultrasound machines have been stolen in a French hospital representing a loss of equipment worth 500 000€.

Furthermore, hospitals face challenges regarding patient flows with patients waiting long periods of time for their appointments without knowing at what time they will be finished.

Ubudu's RTLS solution improves asset tracking and reduces search time in hospitals

Ubudu end-to-end Real-Time Location System (RTLS) allows hospitals to track any asset or person inside a building with down to 0.3m accuracy. The solution works with radio exchange between devices that are then processed by complex location algorithms. Thanks to this, Ubudu RTLS enables medical staff to have better visibility & traceability of medical equipment to save time finding and avoid theft. Ubudu RTLS has already been deployed in more than 4.500 sites worldwide and is helping to save more than 120,000 hours per day of search time.

Ubudu launches Social Distancing Assistant (SDA) in response to COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ubudu clients asked for help to implement Social Distancing and Contact Tracing in their workplaces to ensure business continuity. Strong from its experience and expertise in Location Technologies, UWB (UltrawideBand) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Software, Ubudu was able to quickly launch Ubudu Social Distancing Assistant (SDA) in April 2020.

Ubudu SDA is a small device easily wearable that keeps employees safe from each other by vibrating and shining a light when people are too close to each other (distance and duration are configurable). The response is prompt and distance measurement accuracy is 0.1m. Moreover, all contacts data is collected and stored to be visualised in a Dashboard for contact tracing and monitoring of contamination risks in the workforce. More than 30,000 Ubudu SDA tags are now being used worldwide by companies to keep their employees safe.

Throughout this difficult year, the Ubudu team has demonstrated its adaptability and resilience to contribute in the fight against the pandemic with Ubudu SDA. Ubudu is proud to have been selected by SwiftNLift as one of the Top 10 Healthcare Startups in Singapore for 2020 and is looking forward to helping more hospitals improve their efficiency and services through the use of location data.