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Ubudu continues to help companies around the world protect their employees from Covid-19 through Ubudu Social Distancing Assistant

With the outbreak of covid 19, companies are looking for ways to keep their businesses running and protect their employees from the virus. Ubudu has therefore developed Social Distancing Assistant.

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The challenge of virus variants and vaccine effectiveness

Whilst millions of people across the world have already received the first dose of vaccine, WHO warns that collective immunity will not be reached in 2021. An important threat is the current virus variants that have been discovered in the UK and in South Africa and that have now been spreading quickly across several countries with a 50-70% higher contagious rate than the original virus. It is also unknown if more variants of the virus will appear and how effective the vaccines will be against those variants.

Companies' difficulty in ensuring employee safety

Many companies across the world especially in the manufacturing sector have had difficulties to continue operating whilst ensuring their employees are safe. Some unfortunately saw infection clusters happening at their premises and had to close down for a few days resulting in significant financial loss as well as human loss.

Ubudu SDA: Enabling business continuity and social distancing - UMW Aerospace case

In this perspective, new technology solutions such as Ubudu SDA continue to play an important role in ensuring business continuity. More than 30,000 Ubudu SDA Tags are already being used across the globe helping to reduce the number of close contacts within the workforce by 70% within 3 weeks on average. For instance, UMW Aero has recently equipped its workforce with Ubudu SDA with the help of Ubudu local partner in Malaysia, Singularity Aerotech Asia.

At UMW Aerospace we take all Covid-19 related measures very seriously. We are using technology to ensure all staff maintain social distance. With the help of our friends Singularity Aerotech Asia we have introduced a small device that all of us wear. This device lights/vibrates whenever one is below the minimum distance. This works only in our facility and helps us to review any proximity concerns. My thanks to Hafeiz Hassan and his team.” says Rahul Kashyap, Head of plant at UMW Aerospace.

Strong from their expertise in new technologies, IOT and the manufacturing sector in Malaysia, Singularity Aerotech Asia has proven their capability to implement quickly and efficiently the Ubudu SDA solution for the benefit of companies in Malaysia where a recent resurgence of Covid-19 cases is threatening to submerge healthcare facilities. Malaysia government announced a new lockdown and state of emergency in the country on 12th of January to combat this surge of cases which has now risen to nearly 140,000 infections. With the vaccine not expected to reach most of the population before the end of 2021, more companies in Malaysia are looking to enforce social distancing among their workers.

Ubudu SDA's long-term value in asset and worker location

Although Ubudu SDA solution helps in the short term to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 within the workforce, the Tags will also bring long-term value to companies by being used after the pandemic with Ubudu RTLS (Real-Time-Location-System) to locate precisely assets and/or workers. This will enable companies to improve the efficiency and safety of the plant’s operations in the context of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. For instance, by placing the tags on work orders, tools or equipment, workers will save time finding them and therefore be more productive. Other use cases include locating workers in real time to ensure all workers have evacuated the site in case of emergency or to detect if a worker has entered a dangerous zone where an accident could happen.

Prioritizing workplace safety and efficiency with Ubudu

At Ubudu, our priority is to help companies optimise their time and provide a safe workplace. We wish to thank our clients and partners around the world for their trust and support and look forward to bringing even more value to businesses this year.

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