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Improving aged care facilities services with location-based solutions

Ubudu with its RTLS solution and HSC Technology Group with its Talius™ Platform partner to address a major social Issue: providing adequate care for elderly residents in aged car facilities

Ubudu and HSC logos

Ubudu expands presence in Australia with a new partner in aged care : HSC Technology Group

Ubudu, a leading provider of location-based services and real-time location systems (Hybrid RTLS) is excited to announce its new partnership with HSC Technology Group based in Australia that provides solutions to aged care residences in order to improve the service quality and staff conditions. This is done leveraging AI to analyse data collected through IOT about each patient's state of health and behavior. Using the system, medical staff are able to better allocate their time to different patients according to their needs, thus improving the quality of life in the aged care facilities.

Improving aged care and staff working conditions in retirement homes thanks to a combination of IOT, AI and RTLS

The hybrid RTLS solution provided by Ubudu to HSC Technology Group includes a complete and user-friendly software suite (Location Engine, RTLS application, BLE controller, etc.). Since the Ubudu system uses standard Bluetooth, it is being used with third-party hardware devices deployed and managed by HSC. This provides great flexibility for HSC, as they can choose the hardware devices that best meet their needs and easily integrate them with Ubudu's software solution to create a complete integrated system.

The Talius™ Platform developed by HSC Technology Group captures data about resident and staff behaviors every 3 seconds by connecting to existing systems and technologies. This data is monitored through simple dashboards. Thanks to AI, Talius™ uses advanced predictive interpretation to automatically detect anomalies and take commensurate action. The Talius Platform is very flexible, it can be connected to any sensor or technology. The system is also endowed with proactive alerts that prevent anomalies before incidents happen.

Residents data monitored through simple dashboards with the Talius platform

Thanks to Ubudu hybrid RTLS, Talius™ is now able to get precise location and movement data about residents and staff in order to identify abnormal resident movements, detect resident wandering and ensure timely staff services.

As part of their partnership, Ubudu and HSC technology Group have already launched the solution in aged care facilities in Australia and plan to expand to APAC and Europe

RTLS at the service of a worldwide social cause

Nurse helping old woman with walking problem in nursing home using crutches.

In developed countries, the population is aging rapidly, and providing adequate care for elderly residents in nursing homes has become increasingly challenging due to the shortage of staff and resources. However, Talius™ Platform powered by Ubudu RTLS offers a solution by helping staff to better organize and provide the necessary level of care to meet the needs of elderly residents and ensure staff can focus on added-value tasks. HSC Technology Group and Ubudu are dedicated to improve aged care worldwide by combining their strengths.