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A look back at Ubudu's participation in Huawei Connect 2022

Last week Ubudu participated in the Huawei Connect 2022 event. An opportunity to present its RTLS solutions, discuss about real-time location systems opportunities across different industries, and meet up with other Huawei partners such as SES Imagotag and Ubiant to share new perspectives and goals.

Ubudu was present at its partner's event : Huawei Connect 2022

Ubudu's presence at Huawei Connect 2022 in Paris

Ubudu was present at the 2022 edition of Huawei Connect on October 17 and 18, a global event held by Huawei at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, through which the company's latest products and solutions are presented. But also, it was the opportunity to discuss with different partners on best practices and innovations in order to move forward together towards shared success.

Ubudu presenting its RTLS solutions at Huawei Connect 2022
Victor Bogey and Elena Pacaud from Ubudu presenting RTLS solutions at Huawei Connect 2022

Ubudu-Huawei partnership for indoor location tracking (RTLS)

The partnership between Ubudu and Huawei is mainly due to the integration of Huawei's Wi-Fi access points into Ubudu RTLS, with the aim of reducing the total cost of indoor location tracking projects by up to 30% by mutualising Wi-Fi and RTLS infrastructures. Thus, Huawei Connect 2022 was the perfect opportunity to present Ubudu's complete Hybrid RTLS solution and explain how to adapt it according to the needs of the different industries: Health, Construction, Catering, Logistics

Ubudu with Huawei partners at Huawei Connect 2022
Roundtable animated by Clothilde Cochinaire, solutions director at Huawei, with Huawei Partners.

Presentation of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) at Huawei Connect 2022

Victor Bogey, Ubudu’s Sales Director, also pitched during the session: Cooperation and Win-Win Scenarios with Regional Solution Partners, to present the value of real-time location systems (RTLS) in improving operational flows whilst reducing the environmental footprint in healthcare and manufacturing. Then, a roundtable animated by Clotilde Cochinaire from Huawei, was organized with Huawei Partners: Ubudu, SES Imagotag and Ubiant, to get insights on how to move forward towards more digital and environmentally friendly operations in physical sites.

If you want to know more about Ubudu complete hybrid RTLS solutions, please contact us. Our experts will answer all your questions, and present you the solution best suited to your needs.