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Preventing production downtime with real-time logistics tracking for a heating manufacturer

Optimisation of the supply train circuit for a manufacturer of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems with real-time logistics tracking.

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Overcoming inefficiencies: Addressing the challenges of outdated supply train circuits in manufacturing operations 

For 15 years, a manufacturer of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems has been using the same circuit for its supply trains. However, changes in production operations have made the current supply train circuit inefficient, prompting the need for an audit to redefine the circuit. The solution must be able to cover 75,000 sqm without cabling.


BLE smart WI-FI solution: The future of logistics management

 To address the manufacturer's supply train circuit concerns, The Ubudu RTLS based on a BLE smart WI-FI solution on the cloud is recommended. The solution enables the manufacturer to locate the trains with an accuracy of 3m in the factory. The system connects tags to train power, which sends data back to the cloud via the customer WI-FI network. The position refresh rate is 1-3 seconds, ensuring real-time data tracking.

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Preventing production stoppages with logistics flow redefinition thanks to RTLS analytics

Firstly, it increases the utilisation rate of the supply trains, leading to improved productivity. The solution also eliminates production stoppages caused by lack of supply, thus further improving overall site productivity

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