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Streamlining production with a tracking solution for indoor and outdoor environments

Saving time to find buses that are in production for a leader of bus and coaches manufacturing in a plant of 100,000m2 with both indoor and outdoor areas to cover.

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Challenges of indoor and outdoor production: Finding work orders in a large manufacturing plant

A leader in the Bus And Coaches Manufacturing Industry found out they were wasting up to 6 hours per unit produced searching for work orders during production. This resulted in 3090 hours of lost time per year, which is a considerable loss in productivity. The manufacturing plant spans over 100,000m2, including both indoor and outdoor areas, making it difficult to locate buses in production quickly.


Easy integration, smart tagging: A wireless BLE smart solution for tracking buses in a large manufacturing plant

To address this challenge, Ubudu implemented the hybrid RTLS solution using wireless BLE SMART LoRa solution on cloud to locate every vehicle in different zones without the need for cabling. The solution uses magnets to place tags on the vehicles, and a Tag Asset pairing app for quick association. The system provides position refresh rates of one minute when the vehicle is moving and 10 minutes when idle.

Ubudu ble beacon with lora smart tag and lora gateway
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Cutting search time and boosting productivity thanks to Ubudu’s BLE smart solution

The implementation of the hybrid RTLS solution using wireless BLE SMART LoRa solution on cloud has led to a 57% decrease in search time, from 6 hours to 2 hours and 15 minutes per unit produced. The use of the system allows the bus and coaches manufacturer to locate vehicles quickly and efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and a return on investment of less than six months. With the successful implementation of the system, the manufacturer can now produce more vehicles with higher quality focus using the same resources, resulting in higher profits, greater customer satisfaction, and better working environment. Indeed, the quick and efficient location of vehicles also means that the workers can spend less time worrying about production logistics and more time on improving products and services, thus focusing on their main mission.

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