Location & Distance Tracking

Save time locating
equipment and people.

Get accurate & real-time visibility
on operational process.

Analyse and optimise asset
utilisation rate and people flow.

RTLS Social Distancing

Real-time locating system (RTLS)

Ubudu enables companies to improve their operational performance for Industry 4.0, Smart Hospital and Smart Building.

To do this, Ubudu has developed an end-to-end solution for real-time asset tracking, geofencing and location analytics.

Ubudu RTLS provides sub-meter location accuracy, generates real-time alerts and offers analytics charts (heatmap, spaghetti diagram, pie charts…) through a user-friendly web interface.

Ubudu is already helping companies save 12,000 hours of search time every day around the world.


Smart Building

Save 7 hours per day per restaurant
for table service.

Improve visitor experience with
indoor mobile wayfinding.

Increase worker productivity & safety
for construction & maintenance work.

Industry 4.0

Reduce Turnaround Time
by 10%.

Increase worker productivity
by 50%.

Reduce equipment CAPEX
by 10%.


Reduce time searching for
medical equipment by 90%.

Optimise patient flow and
reduce waiting times.

Reduce repurchase spending
by 10%.

World-class asset location tracking technology

Cost Effective

Leveraging smartphone
& industry standards
(BLE, UWB IEEE 802.15.4z)
700k devices already produced.

Plug & Play

Unique hybrid BLE/UWB/GPS/LPWAN architecture.
Deployment tools for fast set-up.
APIs and SDKs available.


In-house development of
Hardware & Software stacks.
APIs and SDKs for easy integration.

Success stories

Leading fast food restaurant chain

20 seconds gained in search time per table service by geolocating customers at their table

Table service in the restaurant has been implemented worldwide but staff were wasting a lot of time trying to finding the customers at their table to deliver their food. This led to reduced operational performance and needed to be tackled.
Ubudu solution helped to reduce by 20 seconds staff searching time for each table service by locating where customers are seated in the restaurant.
The solution has been deployed in thousands of restaurants worldwide and provides 6-months ROI.

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Louvre Museum

Mobile Wayfinding for visitors

Louvre Museum is improving their visitor experience by ensuring they don’t get lost and spend time finding their way in the museum through a mobile wayfinding system powered by Ubudu.
The wayfinding system is used on the official Louvre mobile app and for both outdoor and indoor location.
In addition, thanks to this Digital Twin solution for Smart Building, the Louvre is also able to better understand visitor flow in their venue through heatmap, spaghetti diagram and location analytics.

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Worker safety in nuclear plant through geofencing

Ubudu provides a solution to measure time spent by workers in different zones and send a real-time alert when a worker is staying too long in a dangerous area (geofence).
This Industry 4.0 solution enables to enhance worker safety in dangerous working environments.

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