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Patient flow optimisation at CHRU Brest

Real-time monitoring of patient flows at the Nuclear Medicine service of CHRU Brest to optimise resources and improve service quality.

ubudu hybrid rtls hardware and software
scanner with doctor at hospital


  • Patient flows in the Nuclear Medicine service at the CHRU Brest are complex and patients can suffer long waiting times between each examination without knowing at what time they will be discharged.
  • The CHRU Brest Nuclear Medicine department treats >200 patients per day with different pathologies and the patient journey can be modified according to the results of each examination.
  • Ubudu partnered with Siemens to build a custom solution based on Ubudu RTLS with the objective to optimise the flow of patients, inform them at each step of the process and predict discharge time based on real-time patient status.


  • Patient localisation through small wristband all along the process.
  • Automatic alerts sent in case of exit of the predefined process.
  • Integration with RIS Explore through HL7 gateway.
  • BLE Network architecture with one BLE Anchor with Directional Antenna per room.
  • Server hosted on-premise.
ubudu hardware used at CHRU Brest for patient flow management
ubudu software used at CHRU Brest for patient flow management


  • Deployment in progress
  • CHRU Brest is looking to extend the solution into its new building
  • Siemens wants to take advantage of this solution to propose it to other hospitals

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